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Posted September 23, 2021

Take a trip with your analogue dreams in tow and bring the vintage era to life with the brand new Video Technical Bag designed by VIDEO-20XX! Hand-crafted in Canada, this premium satchel bag is the perfect companion to any questing adventurer in need of an upgrade to their inventory space!

Shipping inside a re-usable mesh drawstring bag and tagged with an authentic VHS card, this rugged yet sleek Cordura and “top-gun” bag made with a water-resistant coating comes equipped with a heavy-duty nylon strap affixed with a stitched RGB Roses fabric patch.

Featuring a roll-top opening sealed tight by a quick-release plastic buckle clip, the Video Technical Bag makes for easy access to any item you may need to draw from its cozy inner nylon interior. Accented with sewn-on VIDEO-20XX tags, and emblazoned with a diamond-shaped embossed strap holder for customizable wearing patterns— the Video Technical Bag also comes attached with dynamic molle webbing that allows for a permutable fit for any situation you find yourself in! Strap two together for a bandolier style of wear or attach your bag to your bicycle for that on-the-go quest! With its rugged and long-lasting design, the Video Technical Bag is a must-have that holds many secrets inside its premium exterior...

Housed inside each and every Video Technical Bag is a one-of-a-kind VHS tape hand dubbed with an exclusive analog-forever track by R23X on a specialized low limit tape (5 minutes long). Captured within the magnetic ribbon of your exclusive VHS artifact will be a short featurette showcasing your bag’s unique number along with the never-to-be-released elsewhere song by R23X for your audiovisual enjoyment. In addition to the collector’s tape being unique to each bag, every single VHS will come hand-numbered, stamped, and signed by the bags' designer Marc Junker aka VIDEO-20XX, and is a must-have for drip fanatics everywhere!

The bag comes with a “lifetime guarantee*†” from VIDEO-20XX. The Video Technical Bag is designed by Marc Junker (aka VHS Stills), creator of VIDEO-20XX. Made in Vancouver, BC, Canada from Top Gun, Cordura, Nylon, and plastic hardware sourced globally.

The Video Technical Bag is available to order now and is only available for a limited time with orders closing at Midnight on October 23, 2021. Initial wave of bags are expected to ship by December 2021. Don’t miss your chance to own this unique piece of VIDEO-20XX x R23X history.

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*† lifetime guarantee defined as follows: the customer, henceforth known as “the customer”, may email “” if something breaks on the Video-Technical Bag at any time. If, assuming the email address is still in service (that all hosting and email service bills have been paid, and that the climate crisis has not destroyed the Internet and other societal infrastructure we have come to take for granted), and supposing that the inbox is not full… and that VIDEO-20XX does indeed check this email. Then, once these preliminary steps have been taken, the discussion regarding how VIDEO-20XX may help “the customer” can begin. This may very likely result in no action being taken by VIDEO-20XX to help “the customer” due to many factors that will probably make sense at the time. However, if any aspect of the Video-Technical Bag experience is unsatisfactory to “the customer,” they can freely email “” at any time (as it is a publicly available email address posted on the VIDEO-20XX website and other places online. This lifetime guarantee is in no way a guarantee that anything can be done at all...but we will try.