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Venture to the top of the Spire

Posted July 12, 2023
Venture to the top of the Spire

The time has come to venture into the tower with our brand new lineup of official Slay the Spire merch! Become awaked with the Caw Caw Caw tee designed by J Campbell, a set of four Secret Stage acrylic standees designed by Mikoto each containing an exclusive art card that once combined form a stunning quadriptych panorama, and a pack of holo foil character card stickers designed by 1000 Dead Draculas all available now! Do you have what it takes to reach the top?

Caw Caw Caw

If you wear it, ya got a chant it. Worshipping the Awakened One has never been more stylish!

The Watcher

A master of stances is all that's needed to take on the foes that are in your way. The way of water is true and just.

The Ironclad

Strike down your foes and leave glorious carnage in your wake. The boiling of blood is just the beginning...

The Silent

Toxicity is one of the many ways to quell your foes! But silence is forever.

The Defect

Harness the power of the Orbs and become a Walker all from the comfort of a shelf!

Character Cards

Preparing the perfect deck requires the determination and resolve to out combo what's coming. It also doesn't hurt if it's blinged out in the process!