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Underworld Dreams

Posted October 22, 2020
Underworld Dreams

Do you find yourself howling at the moon, sleeping during the day, or turning your enemies to stone? That’s okay, it happens to the best of us! Show off your inner spooky self with these frightful new designs by 1000 Dead Draculas today!


Always find yourself surrounded by startled looking, realistic statues? No worries, the snakes are just working as intended! Snag this sick longsleeve tee with printed sleeves before it’s Gor-gone!


Give in to your primal instincts and go for a moonlit hunt! Lycanthropy is a power not easily weiled... the rest of the pack is waiting.


You may not be able to see yourself when you look into a mirror, but at least you’ll have a cool shirt to look at when you do! Just steer clear of the garlic, wooden stakes, and maybe also the harsh light of day.

Enter the official 1000 Dead Draculas Collection… If you dare!