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Top Deck Wins!

Posted May 12, 2020
Top Deck Wins!

Shuffle up your decks and get ready to Slay the Spire with two brand new tees designed by Adam Rufino! The path is dangerous so head on over to the Yeteemart and equip yourself for the journeys ahead... You wouldn’t want to hit the dungeon paths unprepared, would you?

Aim For the Heart

Can’t decide on what class to run with? Don’t worry, with Aim For the Heart you can bring the whole crew with you. Slinging cards has never been so easy!

Scale the Tower

A quick respite never hurt anyone. Equip yourself with this lovely purple tee and you’ll be slaying your foes in no time! The path to victory has never looked so clear.

To check out these two new tees and other essential dungeon-crawling items, take rest at our Slay The Spire collection campfire to upgrade your wardrobe!