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Through the Fire and Flambés

Posted March 30, 2022
Through the Fire and Flambés

Open your dusty tomes and flip through an epic journey of adventures long since passed with this week’s recap episodes V & VI of Graphic Quest! It’s been a while since we’ve last checked in on our brave and wise heroes— So, without further ado, let’s kick back with a pint of Battle Broth by the campfire and listen to this scribe’s tales if you dare…

Two weeks ago our brave adventurers set out on an epic journey to forge their very own weapons fit for a feast! That’s right, no mere amount of metallurgy could prepare our heroic quest takers for this prompt of scrumptious proportions. With the Protection Spell shrouding our fellowship of designing heroes, Design Master Glen set upon the group to design their very own food-weapon hybrid to slay any calorically deficient foes that lay before them. Though the battles would be tough, the heroes turned chefs would have to break a few eggs to make some Om-Mallets! Let’s take a look at what our brave confectioners conjured up, shall we?

Delicious! Yetee’s stomach is growling over here. Maybe we should order him some pizza... Yeah, give us a moment.

Alright, now that we’ve had some time to digest that last quest. Let’s move on to the next leg of our adventurous journey with something you might find a little more... radical! Last week, after Design Master Glen’s voyage to Yetee HQ, Graphic Quest returned from its short hiatus with a prompt fit for the king of kickflips himself Tony Hawk! What’s an epic quest without a little leisure time right? Right! So with the course set before them, our heroes put their noses to the grind and set out to craft the sickest skate decks this side of YeteeTopia! While the foes were tough, none could keep up with the combos and XP chains our band of heroes were able to muster. Just scope some of these wicked boards our fellow adventurers crafted:

Oh man, what we would do to shred some half-pipes with those decks! So rad! Thanks again everyone for showing up and making Graphic Quest a blast each and every episode. It honestly wouldn’t be the same without all of your unique talents, passion, and insanely awesome ideas. Every episode you all surprise us and remind us just how special our community is. We are so lucky to have you all be a part of this epic journey with us!

If you’d like to join in on the next Graphic Quest swing by our Twitch channel on Wednesday, April 6th at 8pm PST for information on how to enter! As always the Quest awaits...