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The Ladies Tank Top Showdown 2021

Posted April 23, 2021
The Ladies Tank Top Showdown 2021

Our epic lineup of Sweatyfest 2021 designs are here and we’ve got a special opportunity for the community to help shape the outcome of the rest of our 2021 Tank Top Season! The Ladies Tank Top Showdown is your way to let us know which style of ladies tanks you want to stick around this summer and beyond!

Over the course of this weekend (April 23rd - 26th) we are going to be looking at the popularity of each style sold in order to help us decide which style you all want to stick around and which style’s gonna fold to the competition!

If you’d like to contribute to the outcome of this competition in another way, we’ve set up a handy little poll here on the blog to let you share your opinion with us. Let those arms free and your voice be heard!