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The Bosses Have Arrived!

Posted March 01, 2023
The Bosses Have Arrived!

Get ready for a boss fight— our official collection of Mega Man merch in partnership with Capcom just got even bigger with our latest lineup of items! We've got Wily's Isometric Fortress tee, an Air Man spinner pin, and Yellow Devil pins designed by PixelEyeBat, as well as a Mega Man vs Bass acrylic standee designed by Mikoto. Think you got what it takes to face these big bad bots?

Wily's Isometric Fortress

The hardest foe is just a stairway away... Think you have what it takes to face a true mastermind?

Mega Man vs Bass

Be careful what you ask for, you never know what may lie just behind the veil of an electronic reality. A digital showdown has begun!

Air Man (Spinner Pin)

When the wind blows only one foe stands in your way. Hope you've got your Leaf Shield ready!

Yellow Devil

The ultimate combat robot waits for no one. My my... what a dashing fellow!