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The Yetee Blog

The Yetee Warehouse Sale & Live Concert!

Hello there!

On June 23rd, (2018 only, sorry time travelers) The Yetee is opening its doors to the public for a special Warehouse sale! 

That's right! You, your friends, your family, your college professor, all of you are welcome to come down to The Yetee and have some fun! There will be arcade games, food, live music, AND we're going to have super limited merchandise available with prices so low, they're INSANE! 

Curious about the sale? Well, we've got a little video to help explain it! 


And if sales weren't cool enough, we're going to have a LIVE CONCERT featuring R23X, Equip, and Saskrotch! The concert is free for all ages, so don't worry about bringing the younglings, or even grandma! 

And if live concerts are your thing, we've even got a special limited gig poster that will only be available at the event!

The event will only be happening on June 23rd at Yetee HQ: 1665 Mallette in Aurora, IL!

If you're in the area, come on down from 10am to 4pm! It's gonna be an excellent time!