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The Yetee Blog

Spoopyfest has begun 🧟‍♀️🎃🧟‍♂️!

The bell tolls...
Spoopyfest has started once again...

We have 21 amazing new designs from some our most talented artist friends! Check them all out here. All the designs are $12 on tees and $30 on sweatshirts and are available until October 7th! Shipping out for Halloween!

Someone told us that the site is haunted, don't click any ghosts floating around— you might get spooped!

Speaking of spoopy! We've got a radical costume design contest coming on Monday! You can use our in-browser app to design a costume for yetee and tweet it at us with the hashtag #spoopmeyetee and we will pick the best ones and send candy and prizes to the winners!


We've got a week of excellent deals coming... Coupon codes Tuesday (30% off Pins), Wednesday (25% off Vinyl) and Thursday (25% off Posters/Prints)!

tuesday 30% off

But that's not all! Stay tuned for more spoops and spooks this week! 



SPOOPYFEST is coming up next week (September 29th) and we have a lot of amazing designs we're excited to share with you. This is only a sample of things we're working on— BUT ONE THING FOR SURE... It will be SPOOPY