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Initiate Vacation.EXE

Posted February 18, 2021
Initiate Vacation.EXE

Boot up your computer and sail off to a paradise far far away with System Delight by VAPERROR! Pressed on Island Wake vinyl, in partnership with PLUS100 Records, this classic vaporwave album from 2014 is coming to wax for the first time ever via Yetee Records!

Housed inside a high-quality jacket featuring brand new artwork from Drew Wise, System Delight has been fully mastered for your analog getaway needs by Marc Junker (aka R23X) and comes with an immediate digital download in MP3 format!

Pulling you into the shores of his nostalgia-filled island of dreams, VAPERROR’s experimental prowess beckons you out amongst the waves with a siren’s call of head-pounding percussion and psychedelic synth-wave— Leaving you wading amongst the undertow current of 1’s and 0’s, System Delight's unrelenting torrent of mellow beats and hypnotic swathes of melodic tides is a vacation you won’t soon forget!

Limited to 300 copies, System Delight will be available to order on Thursday, February 25th at 12 pm CST!

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Speaking of interviews… To celebrate the imminent release of System Delight on vinyl, our Content Writer Jacob Chase has sat down with Jeff Cardinal (aka VAPERROR) to get a peek under the veil of this album’s inception and all things video games, music, and more… Swing by the blog next week when the album drops and scope it out!