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Sweatshirt Shortage

Posted November 25, 2020
Sweatshirt Shortage

Hey y’all, Yetee here! We wanted to let you all know that going forward we will not be carrying sweatshirt variants for our daily tee designs. Due to the nature of 2020, and the events surrounding it, there has been a major shortage in certain colors and styles of longsleeve attire, namely crew neck sweatshirts. So, in order to maintain a form of consistency, since we cannot be 100% sure if a daily will be available in sweatshirt form or not, we will be opting out of offering sweatshirts until further notice.

We understand that this might be disappointing to those who like to snag some of your favorite artist’s designs on crew neck sweatshirts this time of year, but rest assured that our longsleeve tees and zip-ups will still be available, and are an excellent choice for the colder weather! Thank you so much for your understanding, we hope you have a safe and wonderful holiday! We know the Yetee is definitely going to be stuffed on turkey very soon!