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Sunshine & Hourglasses

Posted September 04, 2021
Sunshine & Hourglasses

We've got a brand new wave of A Hat In Time merch available on the YeteeMart today for all you time-bending adventurers out there! Bring home the summertime vibes of Mafia Town with two Secret Stage standees, a balmy tank, and a frame-worthy Giclée print bundle all designed by Mikoto. Soaking up the sunshine has never felt so good!

Beach Day

Hit up the sandy shores and kick back with some pals in an aqua tank and let time just slip away...

Sandy Memories

Bring home the beach day fun with this lovely set of 4" x 6" mini Giclée prints. Sometimes you just need a memory of what was.


Take a trip along the sunlit horizon on your shelf with this Hat Kid Secret Stage. Ah, nothing but wind and dreams ahead!

Beach Volleyball

Down for a quick game or three? Oh, who's keeping score anyways...