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Summit Dreams

Posted February 07, 2022
Summit Dreams

Head to the summit with our brand new lineup of official Celeste merch in partnership with Extremely OK Games. Featuring a sweater and longsleeve tee designed by Mikoto as well as a sticker pack of the cast designed by our good friend Kevin Fagaragan, this is one drop you don’t wanna miss! Dash your way to the collection now and see what else waits for you at the top!


It may be a little setback, but there’s nothing wrong with starting again at the checkpoint. Learning from a couple of mistakes will only make you stronger in the end!


Take a little breather and learn a little something with this longsleeve tee with a rad sleeve print. These threads hold a valuable lesson. Make sure you are paying attention!

Celeste Sticker Pack

Bring the world of Celeste to life with your very own sticker pack! Those who care about us most are the ones who stick around til the very end!