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Stop & Cease

Posted June 12, 2020
Stop & Cease

This weekend Twitch Streamer and Speedrunner Big Jon will be hosting an event called Stop & Cease. Big Jon has chosen nine amazing charities and organizations that he will be supporting through this event.

The nine charities and organizations are as follows:

Color Of Change
The Bail Project
I Need Diverse Games
Minnesota Freedom Fund
Chicago Community Bond Fund
Advancement Project
The Equity Alliance
NAACP Empowerment Programs
Know Your Rights Camp

In partnership with Big Jon, we have a tee designed and donated for this cause by Drew Wise. 100% of the profit, along with additional costs and labor from sales is being donated to the charities listed above.

Tune in to the event Saturday, June 13th at 10AM EDT and on Sunday, June 14th over at

Event Schedule:

If you’d like to learn more about this event, Big Jon, and the charities that Stop & Cease supports please check out Jon’s Twitter and Twitch page.

For additional information and ways that you can support please check out this resource: