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STICKERMOON Subscriptions are Open!

Posted March 15, 2019
STICKERMOON Subscriptions are Open!
We’re so excited to open up subscriptions for STICKERMOON! This is something we’ve been slowly tinkering with for a while, and we’re so excited to finally unveil it!

We at the Yetee have been practicing our mind reading abilities, and we think we're getting pretty good at it. You must be wondering:
Okay but what is STICKERMOON?
We’re glad you asked! STICKERMOON is a monthly subscription service where for $9 a month (shipping included), we will send you no less than 6 incredible stickers designed by some of our favourite artists!

Now you must be thinking:
Alright, that does sound pretty cool. Can I see the stickers that are in the pack before I buy it? 
Nope! That’s 90% of the fun! The other 10% is also a secret. You get a special package of surprises in the mail each month, and all stickers will be hush hush before they arrive.

We hear your next question loud and clear:
Didn’t paperbeatsscissors do this? Are you stealing his idea?
He did do it back in 2016-2017! We’re not stealing his idea, we worked with him to bring it back! COLLABORATION! Expect to see new and exciting paperbeatsscissors stickers in your pack as well as other radical Yetee artists!

Ah, our telepathy helmet is picking up more questions, like these ones:
So it’s $9 including shipping? What if I live in Europe or Australia?
Still only $9! Get out of here international fees! You have no power here!

You look interested, but you might still be wondering:
How do I check on my subscription status?
You can find it in the account section on! Easy to find and check up on!

Now at this point, some people might be thinking:
Can you show me like... one of the stickers? Pleeeeeeease? Just a peek?
No way! We don’t want to ruin the surprises! That’s no fun, and stickers are supposed to be fun! In fact, look at all of our fun stickers that are on our website.
 We know fun stickers!

Some of you might be thinking after all this:
I’m an artist and I love making stickers, can I submit stickers to you for consideration?
We haven’t quite figured this part out yet, so for the time being, no. But rest assured, we’re working on a way for people to submit sticker ideas to us, maybe in some similar way to how we do our daily tees! Once we have more info, we’ll be sure to you let you, and everyone else know!

Ah, it seems the only question you have left is:
Where do I sign up?!
Follow us, we shall show you the way! On… to STICKERMOON!