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Start Your Next Run!

Posted May 08, 2024
Start Your Next Run!

Get equipped for your next run with our new lineup of official Darkest Dungeon items in partnership with Red Hook Studios! We've got two news tees, the official artbook, and three enamel pins for all your delving needs. A world undone by chaos awaits you traveler...

Shrine of Reflection

Gather your party and begin your next harrowing journey. Only the strongest survive!

The Mountain

Do you think you have what it takes to reach the top? Only one way to find out!

Darkest Dungeon Art Book

Bring the harrowing world of Darkest Dungeon to life on your coffee table. Rediscover the undone world one page at a time!


Light the way wherever you go with this torch pin. No longer be misguided by darkness traveler!


Sooner or later all things come to an end...

The Collector

Sooner or later they're gonna catch up to ya. Just one more for the collection!