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Get snatched up with these new A Hat in Time items!

Posted May 01, 2020
Get snatched up with these new A Hat in Time items!

Hey all, Yetee here! We just launched two brand new Snatcher themed items in our Hat in Time store over on the Yeteemart that we are pretty jazzed about! Also, we’ve got a special bundle for those of you who snag both items! This deal won’t be around forever so do your chores quickly!

Snatcher Plush

Snuggle up with this adorable 9.5” tall plush of everyone’s favorite trickster Snatcher! Weighing in at 4oz, this dark purple plush has a contract with your name on it… Get to signing!


Do your chores quickly in this purple tee designed by Natasha Petrović! Available on unisex and women’s tees, you’ll be out of the woods in no time!

Exclusive Bundle Deal!

Join the Snatcher Fan Club and study some good old fashioned Law with your spooky buddy! If you love Snatcher and were planning to pick up both items… we’ve got a deal for you: buy this bundle and save 10% off your purchase— and if that deal wasn’t sweet enough… you get two exclusive stickers designed by Natasha! This bundle is for one week only, don’t sleep on the savings!

This timed edition bundle is only available until Friday, May 8th at midnight CST!