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Slotted in for Battle

Posted February 24, 2022
Slotted in for Battle

Gather ‘round fellow travelers and settle in for a tale of tales, as this week’s saga of Graphic Quests has come to a close— Let’s open up our tomes and take a look back at the past week of quests and see what our fellow adventurers have been up to, shall we?

Last Friday was the first-ever Side Quest debuting the Live RPG-driven design fest to primetime viewers where quest takers were tasked with conjuring up their very own Famicom cartridge in celebration of the upcoming Famicase Design Rally in March! This awesome yearly celebration of retro cartridges and unique artwork has grown into an underground bonafide cult classic, with submissions from artists all around the world creating their very own dream games for the beloved Famicom system. Here’s a little look at some of the incredible designs our fellow Side Questers submitted:

With the first-ever Side Quest under our adventurers’ belts, it was time for a hearty rest at the Inn and a quick stop at the Item Shop to refill on some much-needed supplies for trials that laid ahead... Last night, Graphic Quest returned at its regularly scheduled time with Design Master Glen at the helm to give the fellowship their newest quest. What is its that every battle-heardened adventurer needs you might ask? Why their very own Battle Pet of course! That’s right, last night under the aura of the oh so essential Protection Spell, Brushbarians, Vector Knights, Pixel Mages, Right Click Ninjas, and Stylomancers all united to bring to fruition their very own monsters of the pocket variety! Let’s take a look and see what creatures our brave artists conjured up:

Wow so beautiful! Just look at all of these majestic creatures! I know that we’d definitely like to shiny hunt for a few of these amazing beasts. Just look at that pineapple! It’s always so awesome to see week after week the hard work and XP that our fellow adventurers earn pay off in such a fantastic way. Thank you all so much for tuning in and making each and every episode special!

If you’d like to join in on the next Graphic Quest swing by our Twitch channel on Wednesday, March 9th at 8pm PST for information on how to enter! The Quest awaits...