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See You on the Farm!

Posted February 07, 2024
See You on the Farm!

Put down your power tools and settle down on the farm with our brand new lineup of official Eastward merch in celebration of the release of Octopia! Sow some seeds with your favorite pals Alva and Isabel and keep those birds at bay with the Sam Scarecrow tees both designed by Mikoto. Maybe you're in more a decorative mood? Adorn your world with the Octopia sticker sheet and bring the farm home today. A new life begins!

Alva and Isobel

Rule to roost with this gold color tee of your favorite pals. Teamwork makes the dream work!

Scarecrow Sam

Keep those pesky varmints at bay with this straw filled pal. Little uncanny isn't it?

Octopia Sticker Sheet

Sometimes all it takes is a little hard work to plot your land. All it takes are some friends in the end!