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Secure Yourself Some Caffeinated Treasure

Posted October 18, 2023
Secure Yourself Some Caffeinated Treasure

Walk the plank into total caffeinated bliss with the all new Coconut Curse coffee from Amaro! Housed inside a collectable tin, this decadent and robust blend of ground coffee is perfect for sailing the high seas and raking in doubloons of energy! Each coffee tin comes with a bonus golden variant of the new Dangerous Plunder enamel pin to take with you on all your pirating adventures. But that's not all, we also have a separate copper version of the pin available if you dare... Arrrghhh meowteys!

Coconut Curse Coffee

(1) 12oz Bagged Ground Coconut Coffee, and (1) Collectable Coffee Tin, and (1) 1.5" Dangerous Plunder Gold Variant Pin.

Dangerous Plunder

Don't sail the seven seas alone. Bring along your pal Amaro and there's bound to be many a cove and treasures to find!