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Rhythmic Decadence

Posted March 04, 2021
Rhythmic Decadence

To celebrate the global launch of Everhood we have partnered with the game’s developers to release some radical merch for all you would-be music wizards out there! Be careful where you R O A M because we’re going where up is down and left is right. Oh, and time may or may not, but definitely has stopped…


Practice the arcane arts and expand your mind with this trippy black tee designed by Couk. There’s no telling where your consciousness might wander off to.

Friendly Faces

With all those grooves hitting the sonic airwaves there’s no telling who you might run into down here… Whatever you do, don’t lose the beat!

Visit the Everhood Collection

If you’d like to learn more about Everhood dance on over to their website!

Snag the game on PC over at Steam / or get in the groove on Nintendo Switch.