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Retro Fiend

Posted October 20, 2021
Retro Fiend

We’ve got a brand new terrifying Secret Stage designed by 1000 Dead Draculas hitting the YeteeMart shelves! Got that old cart or disc that’s been laying around? Afraid of the rumored cursed save? Don’t worry, let the clairvoyance wash over you and your gaming shelf with the Low Poly Horror standee! Housed inside each polybag of terrors is an acrylic standee, a Secret Stage postcard, and a collectible original art postcard. Pre-orders for this standee ship by Halloween so snag one before the Witching Hour’s up! Trust us, gamma won’t help you here friend.

Low Poly Horror

Be careful when booting that thing up. There’s no telling what horrific world you’ll be torn off to...