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Ready Your Virtual Commands!

Posted August 16, 2023
Ready Your Virtual Commands!

Something mega has just logged onto our official Mega Man collection in partnership with Capcom. Embrace your tactical side and issue some commands with the New Armor X tee, Cyber Elf X, Stylish Scarf pins, and the stunning giclee print featuring all of your favorite Mega Men available now for pre-order. Think you've got what it takes to even the score?

New Armor X

Stay ahead of the competition with the command worthy garment. Knowing the tactical layout of any given situation is only half the battle!

Mega Men

Adorn your wall with this epic pile-up of all your favorite Mega Men with this high quality giclee print. You can never have enough heroes!

Cyber Elf X

Guide yourself through the cyber world with this epic enamel pin pal. Just look out for all those 1s and 0s floating around...

Stylish Scarf

I mean what is there to say? It's pretty darn cool!