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Part Man... All Beast!

Posted February 11, 2021
Part Man... All Beast!

Fancy a delve below the depths of an ancient civilization? Careful: the labyrinth holds many secrets, large scary ones with horns... and a massive broadsword?! Make it out quick or wander for an eternity.


A high-quality long sleeve black tee designed by 1000 Dead Draculas featuring everyone’s favorite human-bovine hybrid with fully printed sleeves is available now! What lies beneath the catacombs of the endless hallways and corridors? Only the bravest of adventurers live to tell the tale!


In addition to the brand new Minotavr long sleeve, we are running a limited-time 25% OFF sale on select items from the 1000 Dead Draculas Collection! The sale is running from today until February 19th, and then these items will be GONE! Don't miss your chance to snag your favorite items before they retreat into the shadows away forever!