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Order Up Something Tasty!

Posted September 25, 2023
Order Up Something Tasty!

Dive down some side streets and grab some grub with the brand-new wave of food stall acrylic standees from PixelEyeBat! This second wave of scrumptious dioramas is here to fill your shelves and bellies with even more decadent and dynamic art! These new storefronts are compatible with the previous wave of Secret Stage releases from this series, so swap and customize until your heart's content. Just be sure to leave some room for dessert!

Dango Stall

Stop by and get yourself a little something savory before the day begins. Just don't forget to give the owner a few pats!

Ramen Stall

Have the neon lights and rain got ya down? Stop on by and order yourself a bowl... or two if you're feeling detective-like!

Kakigori Stall

Top things off with a little sweet treat. You know you can't resist some decadent desserts!