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New Yuppie Psycho Collection!

Posted October 19, 2019
New Yuppie Psycho Collection!

We've got shivers with this new announcement! We've teamed up with the team Baroque Decay to bring a spooky collection just in time for Halloween! It's Yuppie Psycho

Best find her before she finds you...

Designed by pixeleyebat, we've got this awesome Kill the Witch tee! 

Paging Mr. Devil, your presence is requested...

He's here to help... We think! The Mr. Devil pin is perfect flair around the office, or haunted house!

Ahh, nothing like a steaming cup of... This is coffee, right?

And last but not least, we've got this official Sintra Corp mug! Because hey, everyone needs a little mud in the morning, right?


Peep all these sweet new items over in the Yuppie Psycho collection now, but once you do, make sure that it doesn't peep you back! Strange things happen to those that venture into that store...