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Moonlit Glow

Posted October 31, 2020
Moonlit Glow

Lose yourself inside the moonlight of a kingdom in despair with our brand new wave of official Momodora merch! Draw your sword and set out on a quest to rescue the world you’ve come to know. The moon is full, and the curse isn’t waning anytime soon...

Witch's Closet

Take a relaxing break inside a cozy cottage closet with this chill black tee designed by PixelEyeBat! Sometimes a purr is all you need.

RUM Sticker Pack

Keep track of your moonlit bestiary with this convenient sticker pack filled to the brim with all the ghouls and beasts that haunt your nightmares. These things can’t hurt you from the confines of your notebook... can they?

Set forth and reclaim the kingdom in the Momodora Collection now!