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Meet Mary

Posted June 03, 2022
Meet Mary

Hey y’all and welcome back to the blog for another post in our Meet The Yetee series! This week Jacob is joined by our resident Shipping Manager and Offline Aficionado Mary for a little deep dive into what life is like at Yetee HQ and beyond! If you are a regular daily tee artist or collaborator of ours you’ve probably received a little note or letter from Mary in some form or another! OR if you just love our items and have ever ordered anything from our website before, chances are, Mary has overseen the packaging and shipment from our home to yours! So with all that in mind, I thought it would be cool to invite her over here to the blog sphere for a little interview to help you all get to know her a little bit better! So, without further ado, let’s meet Mary, shall we?

Jacob: What’s your job title at The Yetee and what do you do here?

Mary: I guess my job title is Shipping Manager.

Jacob: How long have you been working at The Yetee?

I have been working at the Yetee for 8 years and counting!

Jacob: Wowie, that’s quite a while! So, do you have a routine? Gimme a day in the life of Yetee Mary!

Mary: I wake up early- about 5:30 am, and get ready for my day. I can be found most days fulfilling orders, shipping them out, folding tees, and/or helping with special projects at the Yetee.  Oh, and writing those special notes that I love to include with Artist Orders!!

Jacob: What's one of your favorite mediums to use when creating artwork?

Mary: Favorite mediums include watercolor and gel pens atm!!! I rediscovered my love of watercolor during the Pandemic and it is exciting!! I also like working with paper- cutting/manipulating it. Cutting old-timey silhouettes of people is fun!!

Jacob: Are there any artists that you draw inspiration from for your work?

Mary: I have to admit that I am new to Instagram, and have been really wow-ed by how many amazing artists there are in the world!!! Some friends of mine hold so much talent too-! 

Jacob: What are some of your hobbies outside of your work at The Yetee?

Mary: I like to go on spontaneous adventures with my husband and 13-year-old daughter! We might find ourselves at a Flea Market or antique store or elsewhere. I LOVE hunting down amazing vintage clothing/jewelry- the super bright, rich patterns from the ’60s are my favorite!!!  Sometimes I take my little family on garbage walks, picking up litter from the streets/sidewalks. DO NOT be a litter bug!! I also love a good nature hike. I am an on/off leisure runner in the nice seasons- it’s good for my mental/physical well-being.

Community Questions:

How did Mary first find out about the Yetee, and how did she end up working for them?

Mary: I was actually friends with Mike (one of the owners) in college! So, I found out about the Yetee when I reconnected with him after leaving school. I was looking for work when my daughter started kindergarten, and was able to fill a spot at The Yetee.

What is her favorite shirt color and design that she has seen?

Mary: OOOh- fave shirt color is probably a nice heather gray!! Favorite designs include: Paperbeat’s I’m not a Magician, James Downing’s WormJohns, and Hillary White designs. Although, I am constantly impressed by the caliber of designs that we print.

Does she prefer Pizza Rolls or Pizza Bagels?

Mary: Uh, gotta go Pizza Bagels!

What's Mary's favorite video game?

Mary: I might get some hate mail for this, but I actually don’t play them!!! I know, I know.  I have found that I don’t have the proper hand/eye coordination for this activity. I’d rather read or draw!!

Mary, do you have any favorite animals?

Mary: Love me some animals!!!! Favorites include cats (duh), otters, and cranes.

If Mary could design any shirt, what would she design?

Mary: I think it would be fun to create a floral pattern on a tee! With limited video game knowledge, my ideas for designs are elsewhere.

Jacob: While I received quite a few questions to send over your way, one of the most resounding things that our artist community wanted me to relay to you was just how much they love you and how incredibly thankful they are for all your little notes and cards that you include in their packages. I think you've made quite an impact on them! Do you have anything you'd like to share with all of our amazing artist pals from around the world who are reading this interview?

Mary: Yes!! I am so happy that my notes resonate with folks. There is something to be said for a genuine, handwritten note in such a tech-savvy/email world. It’s important to support artists and compliments always feel good. There is too much talent coming and going from the confines of the Yetee Headquarters

Jacob: And lastly, something I like to ask every staff member I interview. What has been your favorite memory while working at The Yetee?

Mary: Gotta go with the time the Yetee played in a dodgeball tournament!!! Things got very competitive with other teams, we made a few great plays, but ultimately, did not fare well overall. But honestly, we looked the best with our matching printed jerseys. A close second memory is the time The Yetee awarded all staff with a Dundee (from the Office) and I received ‘ Most Offline at an Online Company’.  Lol! Never been prouder! I have come a long way with the technology around here…it is not my biggest strength. Or the time I ended up with cocktail wieners in my coat pocket/bag upon leaving our Holiday party…!


Oh my goodness, I love The Office so much. Definitely a top-tier show IMO! It’s always so awesome to hear about people’s favorite memories while working here. Everyone always has such a unique experience and it just goes to show how working for a cryptid printing tees is everything that it’s cracked up to be! Anyways, I want to extend a huge thanks to Mary for taking the time out of her busy schedule to chat and answer a few questions from the community and me. I know that she has been looking forward to hearing your all’s questions, and even more, she can’t wait to reach out to all of you soon!

If you’d like to stay up to date with what Mary is up to and get that little shot of positivity in your day keep an eye out on our Artist Newsletter for the next Mary’s Corner post. I know that she can’t wait to see what amazing things you all come up with next!

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