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Line Up Your Best Shot!

Posted September 02, 2020
Line Up Your Best Shot!

Hey y’all! We are super excited to announce that we are partnering with Hipster Whale of Crossy Road fame to launch some super adorable merch for Mighty Games’ cat tossing puzzle game Piffle! With so many blocks to bust... throw on some shades and start your Catilicious Adventure in the YeteeMart today!


Meowza! Check out this adorable aqua heather tee featuring the best block buster around! Lining up shots has never been so easy, or downright cute!

Taco Cat Pin

Bring a scrumptious little friend wherever you go with this official 1” x 1” Taco Cat enamel pin. Tacobout love at first sight!

Piffle Sticker Pack

Adorn your world with this treasure trove of colorful little Piffles! Sometimes it’s just easier to stick around when you’ve got a few meowtastic pals to hang with!

Angle your way into the official Piffle Collection now!

If you’d like to learn more about Hipster Whale or Mighty Games check out their websites!

Hipster Whale:

Mighty Games:

Download Piffle on iOS, Android or Nintendo Switch now!