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Let's Go For A Hunt!

Posted September 20, 2023
Let's Go For A Hunt!

The hunt has finally begun with the arrival of our official Monster Hunter collection in partnership with Capcom! Sharpen up your look with our first drop of hats, pins, and stickers featuring your favorite hunting pals! Available now for pre-order. Do you have what it takes to become the ultimate hunter?

Felyne Snapback

Show off your friendly Felyne side with this adorable snapback of everyone's favorite Palico.

Melynx Snapback

Sneak up on your prey with this sly little Melynx snapback. Let's stick to the tall grass shall we?

Felyne Pin

Ready to cook, clean, or help you however they can!

Melynx Pin

They can be friendly, just make sure you keep an eye on your coin purse!

Pugee Pin

Nothing better than a quick snuggle for good luck before heading out

Felyne Jumbo Sticker

Hey there! Did ya need something?!

Felyne Sticker Sheet

So many emotions from such small little guys!