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Let's Get This Party Started

Posted August 15, 2022
Let's Get This Party Started

Get that room code ready because we have a brand new set of official Jackbox Games plush designed by House of Darkly available now for all you party goers and office workers out there! The Drawful Owl and everyone's favorite boss M. Bubz are here to keep the party going all night long. These plush pals won't be around for long, so be sure to swing by the product page for more details on how you could bring home your very own Jackbox friends today!

Drawful Owl

It's not that one lollipop owl. Just draw what they tell you to, and everything will be okay. Points will be tallied up at the end.

M. Bubz

Your favorite boss is now available in plush form! There's been a lot of talk around the watercooler about well... Let's not get the rumor mill going.