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Late Night Delights

Posted February 28, 2022
Late Night Delights

Be sure to turn that blue light filter on because we’ve got a brand new lineup of official Amaro merch designed by Miski available now! The return of the classic Night Shift Office Cats hoodie is here as well as an accompanying tee print, but that’s not all! Endure that late night shift bliss with an absolutely adorable plush Amaro and a limited edition tin of scrumptious dark roast beans from our friends at Modest Coffee. Your shift starts now!

Night Shift Office Cats Hoodie

Are those spreadsheets giving you analysis purralysis? Don't worry this crew’s got ya covered! Just be sure to leave them plenty of snacks, okay?

Night Shift Office Cats Tee

If you thought cat hair on clothes was bad just wait until you try and clear out what’s under those keycaps! Yeah, that lint roller ain’t gonna cut it chief.

Amaro Snappie

Snuggle up with your plushy pal Amaro and enjoy some freshly brewed coffee! Just let them enjoy their own though, you’ve got a perfectly good human-sized cup to yourself.

Amaro Late Night Coffee

A luscious cup of coffee is just the perfect treat for brewing the night away! Just be careful how much you give to Amaro though... Remember, a little for us is a lot for them! Limited quantities available.