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KOROKOROCO is rolling out their debut collection!

Posted October 09, 2018
KOROKOROCO is rolling out their debut collection!

KOROKOROCO is a new collection we're offering at The Yetee. It is dedicated to creating uncommon and bespoke clothing and accessories for discerning individuals who are passionate about interactive media. In short, it is a video game culture inspired line of eclectic art and design.

We're excited to share with you this exclusive full preview to the KOROKOROCO launch lineup. All shirts are priced at $22 and include a bonus item. These items are going to be available for a pre-order on October 10th, 2018.

All items will be available at


KOROKOROCO #001 - #005
The initial offerings from KOROKOROCO are the following:
#001 - calamity MOTHER? (includes #003)
#002 - MOTHER? (includes #003)
#003 - Plate Sticker
#004 - Lonely Rolling Club (includes Membership Card)
#005 - Lonely Rolling Mug