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Keep an Eye on Those Lanes

Posted January 28, 2022
Keep an Eye on Those Lanes

Bomb's away! We are super excited to show off our brand new lineup of official Bomberman merch in partnership with KONAMI! Featuring three new tees from our good friend Drew Wise, this lineup of retro-inspired threads is here to knock you back with callbacks to everyone’s favorite hero with a fuse! With that timer slowly ticking down let's see what's splashing.

Beware the Boom

As dastardly as it may seem… this is the only real way to save the universe. Trust him!


When you are working with such power it’s probably a good idea to have a little refresher on what to keep an eye out for. Ya know, just in case things get a little sideways!


Be sure to navigate to those powerups on time… There’s no telling what might be lurking around that next corner!