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Kard Shop Takeover

Posted February 11, 2022
Kard Shop Takeover

This weekend we are teaming up with our friends over at Akupara Games to host a special daily tee takeover to celebrate the release of Henry's House, Oscar Brittain, and Rob Gross’ new game Kardboard Kings: Card Shop Simulator! Recently released over on Steam, Karboard Kings is a casual shop sim that tasks you with running your very own little startup Card Shop after discovering your old collection in your parents' attic. Buy, trade, and sell cards, OR keep them for your own collection! Build up a reputation with your customers, meet shop goals, and decorate your space into the Card Shop of your dreams! Who knows what other mysteries may lie in wait...

To help celebrate the grand opening of this awesome game, PixelEyeBat has drafted up a couple of comfy tees to fill out your wardrobe of card-slinging attire! Rep the squad in style or show off your love for everyone’s favorite Card Shop floofer with these official Kardboard Kings tees! Available all weekend long, these two tees are the perfect companion to any collector’s fit so be sure to snag ‘em up for your collection before they go away this Sunday, February 13th at midnight CST.

Kardboard Kings

The gangs all here, let's shuffle ‘em up and duel it out to see who’s the best of the best. Just be careful of that blasted Puppingcorn, that thing is super duper rare!

Adorable Poofy Pup

What would a card shop be without its very own positively adorable mascot? Just one pat and you’ll be cracking rares in no time!