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Kaiju Rumble

Posted January 21, 2022
Kaiju Rumble

Strike a pose and crush some city-leveling kaiju with our brand new lineup of official Ultraman merch in partnership with Tsuburaya Productions! Think you have what it takes to save the world from giants aliens and ferocious beasts?! Suit up with Ultraman and take it to the streets! We’ve got three new tees and a special limited edition poster all available now!

One Against Many

Hang ten with this radical blue tie-dye tee designed by Austin James. Saving the world one kaiju wave at a time!

Ultraman VS the Kaiju

Suit up for the battles ahead with this stylistic black tee designed by Byron B. Taking down the competition one mega beast at a time!

Friendly Pigmon

Pal around with a friendly Pigmon tee designed by Pigboom! Where there are foes, there’s bound to be friends… He is a friend, right?

Ultra Beam Screenprint Poster

Embody the true power of Ultraman with this special limited edition poster designed by Ryan Jampole! The most powerful move in the universe deserves a spot on your wall! Limited to 100 copies.