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Jungle Ops

Posted January 07, 2022
Jungle Ops

Get ready to blast through the jungle with our brand new wave of official Contra merch in partnership with KONAMI! We’ve got two brand new tees designed by PixelEyeBat and some battle-ready shorts designed by Drew Wise available on the YeteeMart today! Think you have what it takes to quell the alien threat?! Well, lock and load commando it’s time to get to work!

Big Fuzz

Spooky scary things lie deep within the recesses of this military base! Kinda makes you wonder what else they’ve been experimenting on…


The Xeno threat is no match to those precision weapons we assure you. So long as those thumbs are up to snuff that is!

Contra Battle Shorts

Mowing down some aliens in these bad boys will be a breeze! Just be sure the tie off those tactical waist cords for peak performance!