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Introducing the TRASH.BIN Collection

Posted October 17, 2018
Introducing the TRASH.BIN Collection

We're so excited to announce an awesome new clothing line called TRASH.BIN. ♥

TRASH.BIN is a clothing & accessories brand inspired by retro computers, video games, and trash.

Art Director and creator of TRASH.BIN, Drew Wise says:

As someone who has family & loved ones that struggle with mental health battles, including myself, I wanted to create a brand that would not only help people laugh & feel good about themselves, but also support important charities that genuinely aid people who need it.  Thank you so much for checking out the collection, it really means the world to me. Looking forward to hearing what ya think & any stories you'd like to share.

Drew Wise

TRASH.BIN #001 - #003 launches today, alongside a 24 hour timed-edition daily tee of the DIGITAL TRASH.BIN design, which also glows in the dark.

10% of proceeds go to support the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance!