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Introducing Secret Stage

Posted November 13, 2020
Introducing Secret Stage

Do your collectible figurines and display pieces seem to be missing something? Wish you could gaze at them and become engrossed in the world of 3D? Well, now you can! Introducing Secret Stage— a new brand of high-art acrylic stands designed by the artists you love for the shelves you love.

Starting today, Secret Stage is soft launching with two different sets: Frame 352 by Drew Wise & Severe Mountain Path by Mochipanko! Available in limited quantities, these Stages are here to adorn your shelves in a new way!

Every single Secret Stage is a similarly-priced 4” x 6” set of frames with a durable stand that combine into a dynamic and transparent diorama of art! Additionally, included in each set is a unique trinket, as well as two collectible postcards exclusive to each set that brings a distinct flair to each and every one you collect! See through the possibilities and become the curator of your own gallery of fantasies with Secret Stage!

Frame 352

Take a stroll through the woods and become the cryptid you were always meant to be with Frame 352 by Drew Wise. Anyone have any extra film? We gotta get more footage of this thing!

Severe Mountain Path

Originally designed as a cover art single for Equip & R23X’s project Nameless DreamersSevere Mountain Path has come to life to live on your shelf! Join the interdimensional quest and start climbing today!

We are super excited to share that we have even more Stages launching in 2021 in addition to some really sick licensed Secrets that are going to bring some of your favorite fandoms and art to life!

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