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Initiate Party Sequence

Posted September 30, 2020
Initiate Party Sequence

Get ready to party with a brand new collection in partnership with our friends over at Jackbox Games! We’ve got everything from tees, stickers, and pins to celebrate their incredibly fun and hilarious Party Pack games! Bring on the laughs as well as some friends because the party’s just getting started and it’s never gonna stop!

Mad Verse Party

Sling some calculated bars and be king of the block- in this Aqua-colored tee that’s definitely not a sock. As a robot on a blue shirt don't be distraught— it’s an essential piece of attire with no assembly required!

Suite Death Tee

Sleuth your way through the party with this comic book style tee designed by DraculaByte. The Murder Hotel’s vacancy was just increased by one but we’re not saying anything…

Jester Flip Pin

Flip it up for the funny man. This 1.25" wide flip pin is ready to put on an act. Be careful of his jokes... you wouldn’t want to die laughing would you?

Sheriff Flip Pin

It’s high-midnight around these parts and this little flip pin is on the case! This town is probably big enough for the two of us, but you'll have to make it out alive to be sure.

Trivia Murder Party Sticker Sheet

Sticking around here with all these characters on the loose isn’t probably the best idea. That’s why we’ve made them into stickers so you know exactly where they are at all times!

Pre-order your party favors in the Jackbox Games Collection now!