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How much could a Quip Quiplash?

Posted November 20, 2020
How much could a Quip Quiplash?

We hope you’re ready with some clever answers because we’ve got two brand new Quiplash themed items hitting the Jackbox Games Collection today! Gather some friends, or hang out with the Quippin’ pals because it’s time to party!

Quip Crunch

Grab some milk along with the biggest bowl you can find and get ready to scarf down some Quip Crunch with this classic take on everyone’s favorite cereal! Contains absolutely zero nutritional value.

Quiplash Sticker Sheet

So many stickers with so much to stay! This 6.5" x 3.5" sticker sheet is full to the brim with quick answers and witty retorts!

Check out these items and more in the Jackbox Games Collection now!