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Hey šŸŒš

Posted March 11, 2019
Hey šŸŒš

We're excited to announce a project coming to The Yetee. A long time ago, one of our Yetee Fam members,Ā paperbeatscissors, had a sticker subscription service calledĀ STICKERMOON. For the low low price of $9 a month (including shipping), you would receive a pack of awesome stickers by paperbeatscissors.

We're excited to say, with his blessing and support, we're bringingĀ STICKERMOONĀ back! Starting this week, you will be able to subscribe. On the first of each month we will send out no less than 5 radical stickers from a range of artists we work with! We don't announce what the stickers areā€” so you'll get a wonderful surprise when it comes in the mail.

Stay tuned for later this week when we launch this tubular new service!