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Hats, Time, and Mustaches

Posted October 05, 2020
Hats, Time, and Mustaches

Grab an umbrella and save the world from a time-bending disaster with our brand new series of A Hat in Time merch in partnership with Gears For Breakfast! With two brand new tees and pin sets we have everything you need for the dimensional adventures ahead! Just be careful of the one with the mustache… 

To celebrate the launch of these brand new items we are currently running a limited-time 10% off sale on our existing items in the collection! Act fast, deals like this don't last long… You only have until Midnight on Sunday, October 11th— The sands of time are flowing by grain by grain!

Mustache In Time

We Mustache you a question… Do you like A Hat in Time? Do you like Miski's colorful art style? Then this shirt is for you! Manipulating time is so fun!

Nighttime Explorer

Uncover the depths of a city at night and explore the world that lies below with this tee by Ilustrata. Sometime all you need to do is look around to find exactly what you're looking for!

Hat Kid Hookshot Chain Pin

Traverse the world with this unique Hookshot pin designed by Kevin Fagaragan. With so many places to go why not get there as fast as possible?

Nyakuza Pin Set

Take a stop at the station with this inconspicuous pin set designed by our good friend Drew Wise. All aboard!

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