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Get Ready to Join the Band!

Posted August 29, 2023
Get Ready to Join the Band!

To celebrate the release of Goodbye Volcano High we have got three brand new tees available in our official collection in partnership with KO_OP! Designed by Mikoto, these prehistoric threads are the perfect accompaniment to any band practice you may find yourself at. But that's not all— Each tee comes with a radical limited edition guitar pick that you can use to jam out with your dino pals. Classes are just getting started, baby!


Get your tickets to the big show! WORM DRAMA is performing on a tee near you. Don't miss your chance to see your band live in garment!

The Sun

Fate not only decides what's to come but what you wear as well! Let's see what the cards reveal...

Mango Memories

Capture your favorite memories in picture form with this adorable photo set of Mango and Trish in tee form. OMG isn't Mango just the cutest?!