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Get Ready for a Boss Rush!

Posted October 19, 2022
Get Ready for a Boss Rush!

Get equipped with our Mega Man collection! Created in partnership with Capcom, we've got two brand-new tees and a Secret Stage acrylic standee designed by Mikoto all available now! Whether you are swapping out suits and gathering power-ups for the battles ahead or charging straight through to the end there's bound to be something here to get you through the boss rushes ahead! Who knows what's waiting behind that first door...

Let's Fight

Think you have what it takes to go the limit? This is one fight there's no coming back from!

Vampire Hunter

No matter how many spooky bots you put down they just keep coming... Time to make a stand!

X vs Zero

A showdown for the mechanized ages! It's all been leading up to this. Better hope you're ready!