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Get Radical!

Posted May 15, 2020
Get Radical!

Hey everyone, we are super jazzed to announce a brand new tee in collaboration with Nitro Rad! As some of you may know, Nitro Rad is a game reviewer and retrospective critic over on YouTube best known for his quirky and hilarious deep dives into obscure and often weird indie and horror games. Together with our good bud Kevin, we've crafted a Nitro Rad tee that any collectathon enthusiast can enjoy! So many games, so many items to collect, so little time!


Whether you’re hours deep into a gaming marathon or letting the autoplay run on YouTube, get your collection off to the right start with this lovely purple tee— Fleshing out your collection has never been so in style!

This tee is only available for 30 days so act fast before it’s gone for good!

Check out Nitro Rad’s YouTube channel: