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Gather it all up!

Posted November 18, 2020
Gather it all up!

Traipse through an island-filled world of regenerating resources this week with two brand new Forager tees both designed by minilla! Whether you’re running through the desert chopping down cacti, or busting open some headstones for some sweet sweet treasures, these adorable little garments are sure to bring you that extra boost on whatever pickaxe-laden adventure you find yourself in!

Tree House

Kick back and relax in your own giant Tree House with this cozy mint tee featuring everyone’s favorite little builder! So many islands to discover, so much time to enjoy every single moment!


Scarf down many little berries as you can and gain back every ounce of that precious resource farming energy with this longsleeve aqua tee featuring fully printed sleeves! How many bushels can you down in one go?

Fill up your Vaults in our Forager Collection now!