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Flame Fatales 2022

Posted August 21, 2022
Flame Fatales 2022

The folks over at Games Done Quick are hosting their Flame Fatales 2022 event over on Twitch this week! Flame Fatales is an online, all-woman speedrunning event taking place live from August 21st - 27th and is proudly benefiting Malala Fund!

Malala Fund is a humanitarian organization dedicated to empowering young women across the world by breaking down barriers that hold girls back through investing in local education activists, advocating to hold leaders accountable, and amplifying girls’ voices! Learn more at


To help support this amazing event we’ve got three awesome tees designed by K_DUFFLES, LLK, and Mikoto as well as a logo enamel pin and a sticker pack featuring designs from 1000 Dead Draculas, LLK, and Mikoto! We will be donating a portion of the purchase price from every item sold directly to Malala Fund.


Flame Fatales 2022

Get fired up with this mashup design by K_DUFFLES of everyone's favorite heroines! And they say that hell hath no fury... Pshh!

Frame Fatales Community Tee

Sharpen those claws with this ferociously neon design by LLK for the Frame Fatales Community. The sharper they are the faster they are!


Unfurl that sleeping bag and roast some marshmallows by the fire with this cozy design by Mikoto. Cool summer nights are the perfect time for s'more speedrunning!

Flame Fatales 2022 Collector's Pin

Rep the fire and flames of this summer's most blistering speedrunning event with a hard enamel pin of the Flame Fatales 2022 logo!

Faith Sticker Pack (Flame Fatales 2022)

Leave your mark with this awesome sticker pack featuring Frame Fatale designs from 1000 Dead Draculas, LLK, and Mikoto!