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Final Round Clearance Sale!

Posted October 15, 2018
Final Round Clearance Sale!

We're making some room in the warehouse...
Which means we have to say goodbye to some of our designs. So we're hosting our semi-regular yet unscheduled FINAL ROUND clearance sale. The name says it all— all the items available are the final time we will offer it. Sizes are limited to what we have in stock. Once it's gone... it's gone!

So what about the deals?

• All Apparel is priced at $13.37 (this includes longsleeves and hoodies)
• All Pins are priced at $6.90 (or two for 13.37)
• All Posters are priced at $13.37 (or try your hand at a mystery tube)
• Mystery Pin 4 Pack & Mystery Poster Tube

    But wait... there's one last thing...