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Feel the Seventh Beat!

Posted January 24, 2024
Feel the Seventh Beat!

Get ready to hit a home run with our brand new Act V tee available now in our official Rhythm Doctor collection! Featuring everyone's favorite baseball player Lucky, this all-star design by PixelEyeBat is here hit it out of the park. But that's not all— with the collection's bases loaded it's time to say goodbye to some of our roster. Now through the end of February will be your last chance to snag the Working Remotely and 7th Beat tee designs before they are discharged forever. Keep hitting that seventh beat and all will be okay!

Act V

All it takes is a little practice and a lot of heart. Swing for the fences!

Working Remotely

And they said the perfect technique could not be achieved. Studying the blade always pays off!

7th Beat

Tap your foot and it'll all come together. Let your rhythm residency begin!